People of the Way Ministries' vision is to make the transformative gospel of Jesus Christ (radical love, reconciliation, justice and mercy, and the in-dwelling of a personal and loving God) more accessible to all. Our mission is to provide resources that can be accessed on the go and with whatever amount of time members are able to devote to becoming more Christ-like. 

We are based on four principles:

  1. People of the Way Ministries loves everyone!
    We welcome and support all, especially those groups that have historically had difficulty entering into full and loving fellowship with the body of Christ. Currently, we have focused ministries for LGBTQ communities, and those in recovery from addictive behaviors. Our love for all naturally extends to a passionate ministry of social justice.
  2. People of the Way Ministries loves God!
    We maintain and grow our knowledge of and our close and personal relationship with God. In this aim, we have focused ministries in the areas of theological & biblical education, and prayer.
  3. People of the Way Ministries embraces the spiritual transformation of God!
    We believe this transformation is revealed in and fulfilled by the birth, life, teaching, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This impacts us inside and out, our being and our behavior. We support this transformation with our ministries of spirituality, practical theology, and personal development.
  4. People of the Way Ministries believe in the loving and effective spreading of the Gospel!
    To this end, we have a ministry of lay and pastoral training.

We engage our community through providing, audio and video podcasts, reflective blog posts and responsiveness to comments, the sharing of relevant resources, live online workshops later offered on-demand and in workbook format, open online discussion, personal and on-demand prayers, and more!