The Way (a poem)

I can't stopjust because the way is littered with accusations false I must tell myself they are false I can't stop because I fear I will never make it nearly there I remind myself I'm nearly there I can't stop because I miss the way I used to be best God wants the best for me I can't stop because I am too weak to continue eagles I will mount up with wings as eagles because I waited to You I can't stop because I am afraid love Your perfect love casts out fear

the way is littered with broken bones can these bones yet live? I trip I fall my progress is so slow shadows plague my mind and darkness it presses in on me like I belong Mary Oliver taunts me I should be able to do this failure reminds me of all the times I have quit and I stop I can't stop but I stop and then I begin to cry because I thought this time this time I could make it and I failed again

that's how You found me sunken in among the other scattered bones trying to forget how disgusted I am with everything You make a space and sit there with me until I'm all cried out

then we become eagles and I can't stop